Scorpion Missile

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Scorpion Missile
Scorpion Missile.jpg
Intelligently guiding homing missile that can lock onto either vehicles or track-side objects, before filling them full of depleted Uranium.

Scorpion Missile is one of the Pick-Ups in GRIP. It fires a single homing missile at the locked target, causing an explosive impact and dealing 30 damage when it hits. The missile has a short thruster delay, so care should be taken when firing it on slopes or in corners. A scorpion missile mutually annihilates with the aegis shield, destroying the shield but being fully absorbed in the process.

When charged the scorpion fires a second, identical missile. This missile will lock on to a random target in view. If there is only one target both missiles will hit that target, making the charged scorpion one of the most damaging single weapons in the game.

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