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Pick-Ups are a key feature in the game GRIP. It’s not enough to just cross the finish line first in GRIP, more important is how you got there, and how much destruction you wrought upon your rivals along the way. Weapons and power-ups are now an integral part of the races that you will be taking part in. Here is a selection of what will potentially be on offer:

List of Pick-Ups[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description
Aegis.jpg Painkiller High-energy, rear-facing shield that negates the impact of incoming weapons.
Assassin.jpg Assassin Specifically designed to take out the race leader, this thing just won't stop until it has not just located, but also obliterated its prey.
100px Disruptor Time distortion pickup that slows vehicles in front of the user while speeding up the user and vehicles behind them.
EMP.jpg EMP An area of effect power-up that causes cars in proximity to have sputtering engine power and lose some of their steering ability for a short time. Now deprecated, EMP effects have been rolled into some charged weapons.
Firestorm.jpg Firestorm A mix of tremendously explosive chemicals that when combined inside your jet engine, give you a short, but massive speed boost. Use with extreme caution!
Hydra.jpg Hydra A barrage of miniature rockets, deployed in a spiral of destruction straight in front of your car.
Quaker.jpg Quaker High-explosive ground mine with proximity sensors to rip the bottom out any vehicle that is trailing you. Now deprecated, mines have been removed from the game.
Ram Raider.jpg Ram Raider A blast of built up energy from your vehicle's tires that shoots outward from your car, knocking any nearby opponents out of your zone.
Raptor.jpg Raptor Large-calibre, high-speed, semi-targeting machine gun that tears chunks into your opponent's hull, sending them spinning off course.
Scorpion Missile.jpg Scorpion Missile Intelligently guiding homing missile that can lock onto either vehicles or track-side objects, before filling them full of depleted Uranium.
100px Spearhead Short range shotgun firing magnetic bombs with a delayed fuse.