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High-energy, initially rear-facing shield that can be directed around your vehicle to negate the impact of incoming weapons.

Painkiller (Formerly Aegis) is one of the Pick-Ups in GRIP. When activated, it forms a shield at the rear of the car which protects it against weapon hits for 5 seconds, or until approximately 30 damage is dealt to the shield.

When charged, the aegis offers complete invulnerability for roughly 10 seconds, damaging and rebounding other cars that come into contact with it. A second shield graphic appears at the front of the car to show that the charged variant has been activated.

"The Painkiller shield is the latest in defensive technology, able to block and absorb all manner of projectiles. The shield burns out quickly once activated, so timing is key.

A charged Painkiller grants a shield for both front and back of the vehicle and the ability to ram opponents with great force."

Each of the 5 vehicle manufacturers has their own unique design for the shield.

Brand Image
Terra Terra Shield.png
Pariah Pariah Sheild.png
Nyvoss Nyvoss Sheild.png
Vinteck Vintek Shield.png
Cygon Cygon Shield.png

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